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97 reg gearbox problem

johnb Mar 4, 2009

  1. johnb

    johnb New Member

    i have a 97 reg audi a8. was running perfect with a fresh mot when i parked it up 11 months ago.i started it regularly until christmas when the cold saw the battery flat.came to start it today-boost charger and it fired to my amazement! my problem is it wont change the position of the gear lever on the auto. its stuck in park. i disconnected the battery to reset the ecu and with no power the lever moves fine.with the battery reconnected it will start in neutral or park,but the lever wont move. does anyone have any suggestions?the car only has 47000 miles on it and ran just great before i parked it up with no gearbox issues.is there an inhibitor solenoid? john.

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