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97 (P) URS6 with overboost /cutting out problem

smogthemog Oct 30, 2006

  1. smogthemog

    smogthemog Member

    I have just bought this car over the weekend from a guy in Essex and on the trip home (South Lincs) it started to show some sort of overboost problem. When giving it some thrash after it kept cutting out on a good foot plant. If I stopped it and let it cool a little it seemed to run OK and was boosting to 2.4 BAR and slowly backing off to around 1.8 - 2 BAR but after about half a mile, or when the engine bay had warmed up again, it started to cut out momentarily when you planted your foot.
    It seemed to be cutting out over 1.5 BAR(ish). I think it may be going into Limp mode ?

    I got the car home and stripped down all the piping around the inducer of the Turbo. I checked the operation of the WGFV with an airline and 12v battery, it seemed OK. Didn't find anything else too obvious, apart from a dirty gret piece of stainless tube stuffed onto the rubber concertina pipe from the front of the MAF to the turbo inducer (I suppose to stop it from sucking it's self inside out).
    I also disconnected the battery for about half an hour in an attempt to reset things a bit ?????

    After putting everything back together I then took it for a spin. The turbo was boosting to no more than 1.4 BAR and staying there - but occasionally reaching 1.5 BAR on a full foot plant but then backing off to 1.4. No sign of overboost cut out BUT NOT MUCH POWER ??
    It seems very sluggish, feels like about 170BHP as apposed to 240(ish).

    Got it back home and lifted the bonnet -- Found out why it was feeling sluggish >>

    I left off the plug to the WGAV :applaus: :keule:

    SO - with the WGFV not working it is not overboosting and giving a cut out situation. I guess only the Spring in the WGV is only doing the work there ?

    Can anyone shed any light on why the boost is overboosting please?

    What BAR pressure should it run at standard, if everthing was ok?

    I am being told by someone that it may have a split hose from the turbo to the intercooler so I have ordered a set of Samco's to replace the 3 main hoses.

    I believe the engine to be a AAN type, 2.2 5cyl Turbo. KKK K24 turbo fitted with a Apexi cone filter inside of a drilled air box compartment.
    It also has a Milltec DV fitted and a Cat Back Powerflow exhaust.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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