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97 A4 1.8 T sport, need advice for more power, re-map/chip etc please

trevkx125 Mar 13, 2005

  1. trevkx125

    trevkx125 New Member

    Hello ,
    I am new here,got told you are the guys to speak to from the fiat coupe forum.

    I have recenly bought a 97 A4 1.8t sport avant, am really pleased with it but it needs more power,it really seems like it runs almost no boost !

    Now what options do I have? I have heard revo etc are good but 500 + vat is really to much dosh, any good cheaper chips/re-mapos out there?

    Or can i fit a bleed valve/boost controller and up the boost a bit safely?

    All advice welcome /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif



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