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96 A4 Power steering Question

Strykermcgee Sep 26, 2012

  1. Strykermcgee

    Strykermcgee New Member

    1996 A4 Quattro
    84k miles on the motor

    Just bought my first Audi the other day for a steal (or at least I hope) it has a few issues and I know a bit about cars so I figured I could fix all the small problems.

    It whines a lot when @ low speeds but the level is okay, so I lifted the front wheels off the ground and turned the wheel with the car on and the entire time I could see bubbles coming up inside of the reservoir.

    My question is: Does this mean their is a leak in my power steering lines somewhere? or is this normal?
  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    is it a v6? theyre normally a bit noisy and can last years like it.
    the fluid churning inside the reservoir and tiny bubbles are normal. if there were any leaks fluid would be leaking out, not air getting in.

    as for the noise, how dirty is the fluid? probably wants changing tbh. if that doesnt quieten it down then it'll want a new pump.

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