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96 A4 1.8t sport clutch how to?

imported_billybravo May 12, 2006

  1. hiya all my clutch is slipping like mad has anyone done one of them there selfs. if so how hard was the job and is there any write up's on the net.

    also is the 1.8T sport clutch 228mm??

    and how much power can a std one hold before it starts to give way


  2. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    I have a haynes manual i could check for you and take digital pics of the pages for you to look at.
  3. please that would be a really big help thanks mate
  4. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    its like any other clutch seperate engine from gearbox, have your flywheel resurfaced and put new one on bolt gearbox back, i'm doing mine while the engine out, not sure how easy it is to manoever the 1.8t in an a4 but you may get away with lifting it part out with the wiring looms connected, wiring looms are the PITA part, rest is easy.. give yourself a weekend if you know your way round a motor and it'll be done
  5. ive done many clutch's before but never on a audi

    the main thing i want to know is the clutch 228mm

    and how much bhp can the std one hold

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