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95 or 98 ron?

reynot01 Jan 30, 2005

  1. reynot01

    reynot01 New Member


    My new 02 A4 1.8T sport 163ps states that it needs 95 Ron fuel, it doesn't mention 98 ron for this engine.

    I usually use Optimax or BP Ultimate because of the cleaning additives and increased mpg, but is there any point with this engine/ECU? Will the ECU adjust for this fuel or will I be wasting my money?
  2. CJ A4

    CJ A4 Active Member

    Mine also only states 95 Ron but i continue to use the better quality 98. I have noticed the performance increase even if it is ever so slight. At the end of the day its a better fuel for your engine and for the extra 200 quid or so a year that it adds on to my fuel bill then what the hell if its better for the engine!

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