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95 A4 1.8 Auto gearbox dilemma...

jxm96c Jan 29, 2005

  1. jxm96c

    jxm96c Member

    My gf's A4's automatic gearbox is dying, it won't go over 3rd gear and when it tries to engage above that gear it'll behave as if the clutch is half catchin and the rev would shoot up but the car doesn't go faster than 50 at best at possibly 8000rpm. We took it to an auto transmissions specialist in Gloucs and they said it needs a new box and would set us back a whopping £1500 + VAT!!! So we're now rather puzzled
    as the car isn't even worth that much, so what do we do about it? Has anyone experienced this before? And if I were to source a 2nd gearbox from a scrappy how much do you reckon it'd cost to buy it and have it fitted? Or is it simply not worth it, and we should just send the car to its early grave? It's been a good reliable motor but it might be worth lettin it go and get a newer small car? Any suggestions what we should do about it? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

    Thanks, Jules

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