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94 Audi 80e sport

funkidiva May 16, 2008

  1. funkidiva

    funkidiva big up and respect to all mankind, one love

    Hi Everyone,

    Despite several attempts to get her working again, I have for sale, (reluctantly) for spares or repair an Audi 80e sport, L reg ('94). She has had a new cam belt kit, new water pump, new relays, new distributor, new stainless steel exhaust, 4 new sport tyres, new lambda etc, etc etc, however I have discovered that she actually needs a new ecu! How much do you reckon I could get for her? she has done 175k, alot but she was really a good car, have had her 2 years and she was totally reliable, when I bought her she had done 152k and I clocked the rest until last July..........the interior is in good nick as well, but am not willing to break her up.......what do you reckon people, thinking of putting her on fleabay....advise would be much appreciated.:salute:

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