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91 Audi 80 1.8 4 cylinder not fast enough any help

dan1972 Apr 26, 2004

  1. dan1972

    dan1972 New Member

    This is my first posting and in truth my first Audi, never had one before, saw a good looking audi 80 for sale no price and figured guy selling it would want too much. Eventually curiosity got better of me and I rang him up he wanted £300.00 she'd done 134k Miled but drove well. Saw an oil leak from cracked dip stick flange and breather hose to injector unit but figured only small defects and bought car.

    Have had to replace the two water unions to side and rear of cylinder head. Have had no problems other then that and she drives well but not fast. She is only a 1.8 8 valve with single point injection but even so I should not be being over taken by aged ford fiestas, compression is fine so I was wondering if theres anything I can do to squeeze a little more speed / power from her.

    The car is really nice inside and the bodywork is immaculate so may consider swapping out engine if I can find a good replacement, does any one know about chipping, KPN filters, sports exhausts and the like. I beleive my car has a cat, would remove same to improve performance anny body got any experience re this ?

    GSF have helped with some of the parts I have needed but can not beleive price of Hub caps at £100 per set for twice that I can source replacment alloy wheels and tyres from a scrap yard.

    The Car is comfortable and despite the lack of A/c is cool even now its getting hotter. This car deserves to spend more time in fast lane but does not at present have enough acceleration, any hlep would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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