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90 Quattro ignition switch

Pillock Dec 4, 2004

  1. Pillock

    Pillock New Member


    I've just bought a stolen-recovered 1991 90 Quattro, and the main fault is some kind soul has broken the switch part of the ignition switch away from the barrel, which is still in the dashboard.

    The barrel still works on the key (and only the key, i.e. it's not been forced, you can't turn it with a screwdriver or anything) so i believe I won't have to replace this. It still operates the steering lock ok.

    The switch is dangling by its wires, and still operates ok - put a key/screwdriver/anything in it and turn, and the car is drivable (remembering to disengage the steering lock of course!!).

    My problem therefore is, how do i couple the two parts back together? does anyone have an exploded view or anything of how they join?
    And what do i need to remove the get a better view, as it's impossible to get into a position to see under the dash. I'm thinking - steering wheel and instrument cluster? or does the front of the facia somehow come away? Been looking on 20v.org for ideas.
  2. Pillock

    Pillock New Member

    aha. Bad news is i've taken the instrument cluster out and found there was already another ignition switch in there! they must have taken the connector block off the back of that one (it looks original - the paint is still on top of the grub screws) and connected it to a spare one to get the car moving.

    anyhow. the flat pin that sticks out of the back of the ignition key barrel and turns the switch has snapped off - i've still got it but can't see any obvious reliable ways of fixing it back on.

    what do i need to replace? is the ignition barrel removable or is it a steering column removal?

  3. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Very good question which is puzzling me as well what i would do is get in contact with audi breakers and ask them because if anybody would know it would be them

    To maybe replace it as well
    www.partsgateway.co.uk will get you in touch with them


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