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90 20v Q - Wanted

deemde Sep 8, 2006

  1. deemde

    deemde Member

    Has anyone got a 90 20v Q which they will sell cheap, and help me get it to Ireland? I have bent mine, hence no pictures.
    Would prefer NO SUNROOF. Sorry, IT MUST NOT HAVE A SUNROOF!!!!!!!!
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    What you doing with the brembos?
  3. deemde

    deemde Member

    Sorry, I am keeping them for the re-build.
    At the moment I have no garage, if I had one I still don't have the time to work on any of my unroadworthy cars. I am re-furbishing an old barn at present and all spare cash and time goes into that.
    One day I shall re-furbish the MkI Golf, MkII Golf and the 90.
    Short term, the 100 Avant and VR6 will have to do.
    I may convert the MkI Polo in a pick up for running about the fields at home.
    I am looking to add a mini tractor, Kubota or Iseki, to my present fleet.

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