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8V 184 diesel going ................................ S3 coming

steeve May 10, 2014

  1. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team Ibis Audi S3

    Much as I love the 184 diesel I have, I've generally always had 'hotter cars'. I miss the excitement of a bit more power. A quick think about past cars made me realise that the quicker cars I've had I have kept the longest.

    I had a test drive a while ago in an S tronic S3, but I just don't like clutchless cars, I know they suit many but they are not for me. But I did like the car, didn't feel like 300bhp though.

    I've had the A3 for just over five months so persuading the other half that its a good idea to change has been difficult, perhaps I ought to be a politician!

    Any way I've agreed a deal with a local Audi dealer to buy an S3 they have on order which he claims is still configurable. Needing to keep the cost down, as I'm retired and buy my own cars I've settled on the spec below, I'm quite happy with it. The choice of colour was difficult, I originally chose Misano which I love, but red cars have always been a tad unlucky for me. So I've decided on Sepang Blue, which is also a lovely colour.

    Manual S3 Sports Back in Sepang Blue with SD card Sat Nav, comfort pack and folding mirrors. Hopefully for late June or July delivery.

    My current A3 has the tech pack but I dont either use it much or understand it so It doesn't bother me.
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  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Interesting. I tried a performance diesel many moons ago (2004), and it coincided with a period where I'd relocated, moved house, and got married. I thought it would provide thrills for fair money and that I'd get used to it! 4 months later it was a distant memory and I replaced it with the car I'd had previously (same model but a new one). I've tried a few since (3.0TDi Q) and they're incredibly competent but they just don't scratch the itch for me. Hence I get where you are coming from and I do hope the S3 hits the spot.
    Last edited: May 10, 2014
  3. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team Ibis Audi S3

    Thanks Warren, I hope so too or I can see a divorce looming ...........................................
  4. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

    I get this.
    My S3 DSG does not feel like 300PS.

    I think its a combination of the seamless changes, smooth power delivery from 1800rpm, refinement, lack of rawness, sound and drama, that dulls the experience.

    Until you look at the speedo and think, "no way does that feel like 120xxx".

    It's quick, just not brutal, and certainly doesn't feel like 300PS. But I guess that is what makes the S3 8V the almost perfect DD, the almost perfect all-rounder.
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  5. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member TeamMisano Audi S3 Audi A3

    FFS how many TLA's can one have in a SIG :)

    Steve........ you will love the S3.... I went from a BMW 320 M Sport Coupe ---> TT TDi -----> TTS (one hell of a car) to my S3.... The S3 is by far one of the bst all round cars I have owned in a long while ;)
    Last edited: May 10, 2014
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  6. Pulp84

    Pulp84 Well-Known Member Audi S3

    Steeve - sounds great spec and can appreciate the comments regarding fast diesel. I ran a 535d a few years ago for a few months and think (at the time) was one of the fastest diesels on the market. Never raised heartbeats although it was quick in a straight line.

    I will add though after having a long test drive in the 184 quattro I though it was a fantastic car but the S3 is something else.
  7. msdmjb

    msdmjb Well-Known Member

    Delighted to hear this, I was toying between the two cars you mention.
    Some days 50+ mpg just pootling around is great but..................mine won't be a commuter so thought what the 'eck.
    I have a red manual S3 due mid Aug and really can't wait, I like you appreciate DSG but simply not my bag.
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  8. Daz Auto

    Daz Auto Active Member

    I have not had any really sporty cars. However, my last car was just too slow. I would find it difficult to drop back in power. Though I do think that the 170ps has the right balance of real world power and economy that I need. It would be difficult for me to justify the extra cost of running something like an S3. Though I would love one. Maybe when I retire and am not doing so many miles.

    Agree about the auto. Though I do find myself thinking every week just how much I love driving a DSG/S-tronic. It is excellent but too smooth to be exciting. When driving hard, there is just something more satisfying about a manual car.
  9. T-800

    T-800 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I agree, went from a 2010 S3 SB to a 2011 TDi SB only kept it 7 months if that !! Couldn't live with the diesel. Part ex-d it for Golf GTI MK 6 had that 8 months before itching for another S3 (silver) 3 door before finding out that an RS3 is even better !!!!!

  10. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team Ibis Audi S3

    I've registered my interest at VW in an R400, I'll have to see about my situation when anything happens on that front. But it may be impractical for us. We love walking and my car gets left in car parks, not remote ones but even so I'm not sure I could do that with something so in your face.

    The S3 will I hope be plain enough not to arouse too much interest, but satisfy an itch which I need to scratch.

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