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8P7 Cabrio evo2DSG + Revo Stage 1 Issues

DJAlix Mar 11, 2011

  1. DJAlix

    DJAlix VAG Car Coding Site Sponsor Team Ibis VAG Can Professional VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)


    Had my car mapped to Revo Stage 1 by AmD Essex just before christmas. Was loads of snow and ice around so they could not throw it on the RR at the time but they assured me it was running 200bhp :racer:

    I don't really push the car too hard to be honest but have always thought that the power delivery was none to smooth, kinda hesitant, but never really gave it further thought as I know nothing of this sorta thing and the car was much more responsive that it was before the map.

    Two weeks back, on the M1 heading to north to Milton Keynes, I was sitting in the middle lane in an average speed camera zone with my CC set to 50mph. All good bar a lorry sitting up my backside. I reached the end of the Avg Speed zone, paddle shifted down from 7 down to 5 (was in D mode) and toe'd it in order to put some distance between me and Mr Lorry. The car started to pick up for a second, then automatically backed off the power and made a grinding noise for about 2 seconds then reintroduced the power and jerked up to 70mph. I have not managed to repeat this since but the other day I had a similar issue while changing from 2nd to 3rd (D mode) at normal urban driving pace but I had a passenger in the car and a boot FULL of goodies from B&Q.

    From reading this great forum I figured I have the dreaded clutch slip issue which seems to affect S3's. AmD could not reproduce the noise / grinding issue but my reason for posting here is that they did find something else which I thought might be of use to other members here.

    They took some diags form the car and spoke with Revo while I was waiting and it would seem that there is something strange going on with the communications between the S-Tronic unit and the engine. I was asked to contact Revo when I had some time to talk with one of their engineers. Turns out that Revo have not really had many dealings with my model in the UK due to most people going for the 6spd S-Tronic 2ltr and they would like to borrow my car, not only to try and sort out my issue but to also use it to help with their development as they have been unable to get a test car out of Audi! Sounds good to me and they will supply a hire car :w00t:

    Anyway, I did not really understand too much of what AmD were saying as it was early morning but the Revo engineer explained the issue they are seeing a little better:

    It would seem that the latest DSG / S-Tronic software settings have changed from what Revo are used to in that there is now more communication and monitoring going on between the engine and the mechatronic unit, and in the case of my car when I floor it / put it under "load" the S-Tronic is sending a message to the engine to back off the power as it cannot handle the torque for some unknown reason. Normally this would not be so much of an issue but the signal / message from the S-Tronic is not constant, it seems to be "pulsing" and causing a massive amount of random on / off hesitation. Revo could not say if this was causing my grinding noise but they said it was very strange. The engineer is very sure he can correct this via software but has warned that this could also be the sign of a faulty mechatronic unit.

    The interesting thing is that this is my 2nd S-Tronic7 A3 as I rejected the first one due to similar issues which Audi could not resolve, and that car was 100% stock!

    Will keep this post updated should it be of any interest to anyone here.

    Want to say thanks to AmD. Been down there twice now and they are great people with fast service. Props to Revo also for taking the time to talk to me in such detail and offering to look after me while they borrow my car! Cannot recommend these guys enough! :applaus:

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