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8P3 How Many Grilles?

S Liner Aug 31, 2012

  1. S Liner

    S Liner Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2012 8P3 and have been trying to establish how many 8P3 grilles there are.

    So there is:

    1) 2008 onwards - SE/Sport/SLine - Matt Grey grille, chrome surround, unsure of foglight grilles.

    2) 2009 onwards - S3 - Chrome/grey grille, chrome surround. " "

    3) 2009 onwards - Black Edition - Matt black grille, gloss black surround, matt black foglight grilles.

    4) 2009/10 onwards - S3 Black edition - as above.

    5) 2011 onwards - SE/Sport/SLine - Gloss black grille, chrome surround, gloss black foglight grilles with chrome fog surround.

    Mine is a 2012 SLine so I have the gloss black grille, chrome surround etc.

    Has the standard Black Edition grille (non-S3) changed at all since 2009??


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