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8P S3 vs Focus RS

1animal1 Feb 7, 2011

  1. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    Aye but will it sound better than the RS3 ;)

    probably haha..... (but thats what we should be comparing it to in real terms)
  2. Kris

    Kris Member

    Hi all, not posted for a while and not got the S3 anymore but still lurk as I have a soft spot for Audi's.

    Just to add to the topic and maybe dispell a few myths as I have an RS Mountune 350 (waits for rocks to fly).

    The bad points: seems like the obvious has been perhaps over stated but yes the RS suffers in the wet and I beleive an S3 would run rings round one in the wet. Suspension is very firm so it's best to have all internal organs removed first as the car on B roads pretty much tries to shake them out. Interior of the Audi is better finished although the RS I don't think is as bad as said. RS MPG ........ pretty poor.

    Two things held me back buying an RS, 1st torque steer and 2nd front wheel drive. There is actualy little to no torques steer on full beans. FWD, pants as expected in wet but in dry the car can acellerate hard with no ESP coming on, the Revo knuckle wizardry really does work. The RS is limited by the ECU in the first two gears to limit wheel spin hence the not so great 0-60. The car comes into its own from 3rd gear onward and mid range gives a real kick. Sound track is great and can be adictive. I bought the car purley for fun and it ticks the box, it really does bring out the devil in you and every drive is an event leaving me with a grin ...... perhaps why MPG is bad ;)
  3. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    good insight...cheers Kris.... always good to hear from people that are living with the subject car
  4. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    My mate has a Mountune RS and TBH I do like it a lot.

    As said above it does bring out the devil in you. The sound of that lump is very addictive.

    In the wet/damp it's not ideal, but no where near as bad as my mates MKV Gti (which is mapped).

    Interior quality is fine IMO - seats are awesome, but I do prefer my S3 buckets.

    Gets a thumbs up from me, more raw than the S3 and FWD but still a nice motor.

    I'd go through too many tyres me though :)

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