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8P S3 Tweeter Issue - Help Please! (Andy Mac!)

Slappi Apr 22, 2012

  1. Slappi

    Slappi New Member

    Hi guys I hope you can help me. Few weeks ago I did a full audio install on my S3. New Alpine HU, JL Audio Components, JL Audio Co-Axials and a nice bit of a sub.

    I used the stock wiring for the fronts, as you know you can't really do anything up there. After a week or so the drivers side tweeter started to crackle when the music was turned up, so I checked all the wiring and no fault. The passenger side started to do the same a few days later and this became an intermittent issue on and off both sides. The drivers side then went off completely so I took it out checked it etc and it came back on strangely, so I thought it must have been a loose connection on the tweeter itself.

    To try and fix the crackling, I then added the High Pass filter that was supplied with the JL Tweeters. I didn't install this originally as seeing as there is a stock crossover built in, I thought that would suffice.

    So yesterday with high pass filters fitted, the tweeters sound good, no crackling etc (even though that could be coincidence as it was intermittent anyway) and I thought it may be alright.

    This morning drivers side tweeter not working, checked wiring again, checked tweeter and it is completely dead. Tested the stock tweeter and works perfectly. So I thought i'll just buy myself a replacement tweeter.

    Upon fading the volume back to the passenger side, the passenger side tweeter was not working.

    After a few choice words lol I took out the JL tweeter, checked the stock tweeter on the wiring and no sound. Brilliant.

    Removed the high pass filter and tested stock tweeter and JL tweeter onto stock wiring in A-Pillar and still nothing.

    The front speakers have worked perfectly with no issues, so this surely must be a stock crossover fault?

    Has anyone else had an issue like this before?

    Does anyone know where the stock crossover is and can I get to it? (I'm guessing not!)

    I've had nothing but trouble with the tweeters. Drivers side is working now with stock tweeter in but I don't know how long it will last. Passenger side doesn't work at all.

    Thank you guys for any help or advice, i'd really appreciate it!
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    There is no stock crossover, each stock tweeter has a high pass filter (inline capacitor) built into it. So if you didn't use the crossover that came with the new components then you will have been playing full range audio through your tweeters - not a good idea. I'm amazed they lasted as long as they did.
  3. Slappi

    Slappi New Member

    Oh bugger! Why the hell did I think there was a cross over?! Thanks for the reply mate. Looks like I'm buying some new tweeters hahaha!
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2012

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