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8p S3 3 door install advice and suggestions please

mohsin1315 Dec 28, 2012

  1. mohsin1315

    mohsin1315 Member

    Hi All,

    I have been thinking about putting my amps into my S3 with Symphony II (non Bose). I have two Directed amps that are a couple of years old but do the job. The first is a 2 channel amp (2 x 150 wrms @ 4ohms) that I will use to drive the front components and the second is a mono D-cLass for a sub (300wrms @ 2ohms). I also have an AudioControl LC2i signal processor to take the speaker output and convert it into a decent signal for the amps. It will also provide remote turn on for the amps.

    My plan is as follows and is similar to what I did in my 2009 Scirocco which worked well.

    1. Amplify the stock front speakers by tapping into the original loom behind the HU. Question - how good are these when amped? Anyone done this before? Does anyone know whether they show a 4ohm load to the amp? The VW comps sounded deeper and more alive when they were amped. Hoping to get similar results with Audi. If I was to replace them, how big of a job is it?

    2. Use my sub amp to run the stock sub - this might end badly plus I don't know the configuration of the stock sub. I think I read somewhere its a dual 2ohm voice coil sub. If so I could wire it to show 4ohms to the amp and therefore only run 150wrms. But I might be very wrong. Or my other option is to kindly ask AndyMac to sell me a replacement sub and matching stealth enclosure in a configuration that would suit my amp to get the full 300wrms.

    3. I am thinking of mounting my amps in the boot alongside the spare wheel. The 8P has a raised floor made from foam sections. I was thinking about getting some replacement foam cut to size and cutting holes to slot my amps and signal processor into it. The original carpet can then sit on top and cover everything. Would my amps overheat if installed like this?

    I am trying to achieve more volume and better clarity at volume - I have always liked my music loud and a nice sounding stereo always puts a smile on my face. The standard setup in the S3 is not bad but if I already have the stuff to upgrade things, why the heck not eh?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1. I wouldn't bother amping the stock fronts, replace them with some half decent components, JL Audio TR650csi's work well
    JL Audio Evolution TR650Csi Speakers on eBay!
    Instructions are here:

    And you will need adapters

    2. What benefit will amping the tupperware sub give you apart from a blown speaker? It's the enclosure, the speaker and the amp that are limiting the quality. Also the amp inside the sub enclosure drives the rear speakers as well so you need to keep it in the loop unless you are amping the rears as well as the fronts.

    3. As long as they have some airflow available they should be OK as long as you're not driving them too hard. I would bracket them to the floor of the boot rather than encasing them in foam.
  3. mohsin1315

    mohsin1315 Member

    Thanks for the reply andy. The rears will be faded out. I plan to take the audio signal from the front only. The LC2 will split the signal into full range and sub bass for my amps. Comps up front with a sub is all you need for decent sound in my opinion. So I will replace the comps, sub and enclosure. With regards to amp mounting I think I need to have a play with where and how they fit and what airflow will be like.

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