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8P C-pillar trim removal

ADi Nuff Valves Sep 4, 2011

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone offer any advice on removing the interior c-pillar trim? My version of elsawin doesn't seem to want to let me look at the A3 manuals.

  2. rickyquicky

    rickyquicky Member

    C-pillars are at the back right?

    Never done it, but removal should roughly be like this, I may have missed a few bits:

    - Remove parcel shelf
    - Use torx screwdriver to remove the plastic trim either side of where parcel shelf sat, think there are 2 per side.
    - Unclip c pillar from where it meets the roof lining at the top
    - I cant remember if the tailgate rubber seal goes over the back of the trim, if it does, pull it off.
    - Give it a good yank from both sides!

    You may not need to completely remove the 2 trims either side of parcel shelf...if you do, there is a screw cover at the top at the back of the each rear door card. If you pop this off and unscrew the torx underneath, you will have enough space to pull the trims off.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2011
  3. Yeah they're at the back. Thanks for the reply. Doesn't sound too bad. I had the entire roof lining out of my old mk4 Golf so just a c-pillar shouldn't be too hard. Just wondered if there were any particularly tricky bits before I start.

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