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8P 2.0TDI Sport Weird Vibration?

MONKIEE Jul 27, 2010


    MONKIEE Member

    My 2.0 TDI has developed a squeak and vibration when ticking over? The crazy thing is this disappears when I switch on the heated rear window????????? Or the heating??????

    I have looked for loose components in the engine bay but I have found nothing! This is a horrible sound, you know, the one that really annoys you.

    I had someone look at it and their diagnosis was that the alternator pre-tensioner needed replacement, so I purchase one from the stealers, had it fitted, still the same!

    Any help advice would be great, Thanks in advance.
  2. Did you change the belt at the same time?
    I convinced myself once that I needed a new pully on my A4 I stopped when I got the price of one and thought I will change the belt- which cured it instantly.
    Spray wd40 carefuly on the inside of the belt when its running - if this cures its probably the belt
    Also it could be you aircon compressor clutch squealing whilst not engaged to the compressor - just wondering if turning the rear window heat auto turns the aircon on - hence curing it

    MONKIEE Member

    I did not change the belt! i suppose i may as well give it a go as i have already had my pants pulled down from the stealers!!!!

    I tried the WD40 and it seemed to help, so a new belt it is!

    The crazy thing is if i switch on any of the following the Vibration stops and the engine sounds nice: Headlights, aircon, heated rear window.
  4. tdi-man

    tdi-man Well-Known Member

    mine did the same ended up being the fuel pump...

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