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8L S3 Servicing and Pricing FAQ

madvw Mar 11, 2006

  1. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    8L S3 Dealer Servicing FAQ


    First up, the boring bit:

    The following details the servicing requirements for the 8L S3. This FAQ is not intended as any kind of replacement or authoritative information. Such information below is provided as-is, and no liability will be taken by the author for its accuracy, or any damage/injury arising from its content. As you, the reader, the responsibility is with YOURSELF to ensure its accuracy and I can only recommend that you check this with your AUDI dealer, or AUDI UK.


    Audi Service Schedules fall into two types:

    Longlife Servicing

    Post facelift cars left the factory set for Longlife Servicing. Longlife servicing is an inspection service with flexible intervals, shown by the service indicator on the DIS. A longlife service interval can be up to a maximum of 24 months. Brake fluid is replaced every 24 months.

    Standard Interval Servicing

    Pre-facelift S3's, and those that have had their service interval settings changed, are set to Standard interval servicing. This service always comprises of an oil change every 12 months (or 10k miles), and an Inspection service every 24 months (or 20k miles), including a brake fluid change.

    The work performed in these services is outlined as follows:

    Normal service

    Engine oil dropped and replaced
    Engine looked at for leaks and damage
    Battery level checked
    Antifreeze checked
    Dust and pollen filter replaced
    DTC's checked and cleared
    Exhaust checked for leaks
    Brake pads checked
    Brake system checked for leaks and damage
    Brake fluid checked
    Engine, gearbox and CV boots checked
    Oil level in gearbox checked
    Swivel joint boots checked
    Under body sealant checked
    Tyre tread, wear pattern, and pressures checked
    Track rod ends checked for play, and boots checked
    Door check straps and lock cylinders lubricated
    Sunroof guide rails cleaned and lubricated
    Lights, indicators, hazards, dash lights and horn checked
    Headlamp washers and settings checked
    Headlight alignment checked
    Service indicator reset

    Additional service work every 20k miles
    Haldex Oil changed

    Additional service work every 40k miles
    Air filter replaced and airbox cleaned
    Hydraulic fluid checked
    Spark plugs replaced
    Haldex Oil filter changed

    Additional service work every 24 months
    Brake fluid changed

    Additional service work every 14 years
    Replacement of ALL airbags

    Remember when comparing AUDI dealer servicing with independent specialist (and even other VAG group dealerships) servicing to obtain a list of all work that the service includes. Certain items above, such as door lock lubrication, and sunroof guide cleaning and lubricating are essential to ensure the longevity of such components, and prevent failure later in the vehicles life - make sure they are done, as replacement of these items can be expensive.

    When booking your S3 into a dealership for a service, do not assume that because your car has done 20/40/80k miles that it will have the corresponding service performed. Such "Additional Work" HAS to be asked for separately - such examples are Haldex filter and oil renewal and brake fluid replacement. If in any doubt, check with the dealer the work that they are about to perform - it costs less to get the work done all at once as you can negotiate a much better total cost of the work to be done.

    One item not discussed here is the replacement of the cam belt, tensioners or the water pump. There are plenty of posts on this forum to help you decide when it's best to replace them.

    Another topic not discussed here is variable vs. interval servicing. Again, search the forum for many views on this.

    The final point about dealer servicing is HAGGLE. Start getting prices for your impending service well before it's needed. The prices given to you are not final, and you can save, in my experience, over £100 by playing dealerships off each other, or simply by stating that the price they quoted is too much.

    Please post your servicing experiences and costs below, stating where and when it was serviced, what was included, and how much it cost.....

    Hopefully then we can get a picture of the best places to take our s3's, or, more importantly, where not to take them....
  2. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Nice one! I've added it to the FAQ!

  3. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    To start the ball rolling with 8L servicing costs, here are the prices I was quoted:

    Prices were quoted January 2006.

    Ipswich Audi - inc. 20K
    STD Service £329.41
    Brake Fluid £54.63
    Haldex Oil and Filter £114.41
    Total £498.45

    King's Lynn Audi - inc. 20K
    STD Service £290.00
    Brake Fluid £44.77
    Haldex Oil and Filter £105.07
    Total £439.84

    Norwich Audi - inc. 20K
    STD Service £255.00
    Brake Fluid £87.00
    Haldex Oil and Filter £127.00
    Total £469.00 - but haggled to £440.00

    Norwich Audi - inc. 20k + 40K
    Total £593.00 - but haggled to £517.00
  4. solihul

    solihul Member

    Prices quote 13th July 2006

    S3, 2nd Service 40K

    Swansea Audi
    STD Service £365.00
    Brake Fluid £49.99
    Haldex Oil and Filter £105.00
    Total £519.99

    Cardiff Audi
    STD Service £385.00
    Brake Fluid £84.50
    Haldex Oil and Filter £136.00
    Total £605.50

    Told Cardiff Audi that Swansea was cheaper and they knocked it straight down to £460.00

    Swansea then came back and when I told them that Cardiff had beaten their price the best that they could do was £480.00

    Surprised how quickly Cardiff Audi knocked off nearly £150.00 will try Bridgend Audi tomorrow.
  5. bantam1

    bantam1 Member

    20K inspection service (inc plugs) covering majority of list above (I don't have a sunroof) at Midland VW in Cannock - £150 inc VAT. This is on fixed interval servicing using fully synth synta gold.

    10K service is about £80 - £90 iirc.
  6. col6821

    col6821 Member

    Servicing pricing just received from Listers of Stratford-upon-Avon
    All prices inclusive of VAT
    No additional discount negotiable.

    Long-life Service 1 £278.62
    Long-life Service 2 £385.26
    Cambelt (inc water pump and tensioners) £499.31
    Haldex oil change £64.09
    Haldex oil and filter change £87.59

    Quote from David Lees (independent in Alcester)

    Long-life service (not sure which one), cambelt, water pump and tensioners replaced £475 + VAT.
  7. titliest

    titliest New Member

    Had my S3 for a month 2001 model.

    Mine's going in on Wednesday (19th) 35k on the clock. I think the 2nd long life service??

    Taking it to Southampton Audi. will report back wednesday night.
  8. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    Just as a point of interest it is not facelift cars that are on the avs service it is from 2000 MY which will include some late 99 cars, one year before the facelift (in fact only 5 months after the introduction of the S3)
  9. titliest

    titliest New Member


    Picked up my car last night, long life service £335.00 (35,000miles), i managed to gain a 20% discount (like my Dad always told me, it not what you know its who you know) would of been just over £400.

    On the down side i have had a estimate for recommended work to be carried out over the next 6 months, including Clutch kit and brake pads all round and front disc's. Audi want £2800 for the work, £1680 of that is labour :scared2:

    Even though i have a friend at Soton Audi the service was excellent!
  10. stevehart

    stevehart Bring on the Ice!!

    Just had my second AVS done at Tyneside Audi. They initially quoted me £535 with brake and haldex fluid replacment included.

    I told them that Wearside Audi quoted £450 after discount, so they quickly matched it.

    the overall service appears to be very good
  11. bantam1

    bantam1 Member

    Unless this is warranty work I really can't understand why you would get an audi dealer to do this. There is another recent thread on here about clutches and cheapest on there was £600 fitted (cheaper than most I know). How can audi justify £2800 for a job that you are likely to pay about £1100 for at an independent. Are you sure that is all the work they were quoting for? Both audi and anyone who pays this a looney tune if you ask me. Crikey.
  12. macdoug

    macdoug Member

    I have recently been looking to have my 3rd AVS carried out along with blrake fluid and timing belt change. The price from Wimbeldon Audi (closest dealer) was;
    Service £360
    Brake fluid £107.51
    Timing belt £520

    This gave me a shock and as I am up in Scotland in August I tried a couple dealers there;

    Edinburgh Audi
    Service £290
    Brake fluid £90.30
    Timing belt £460

    Service £295
    Brake fluid £50
    Timing belt £275

    Service £300
    Brake fluid £60
    Timing belt £750

    How can they be so different? I reckon Stirling will be paid a visit though following the advice above I should still try to haggle.
  13. monkeytrousers

    monkeytrousers Member

    Here's a scan of my invoice for 2nd AVS service. Also had haldex oil and filter change.

  14. ImS3ola

    ImS3ola Member

    My price quote from Tonbridge Audi (July '06):

    1st Longlife service - £275 inc
    2nd Longlife service - £405 inc

    Brake fluid + Haldex oil - £155
  15. col6821

    col6821 Member

    Just received a quote from local specialist car sales: - Aspi Specialist Cars www.aspicars.com

    Longlife 2 Service: £271.20 + VAT (carried out according to manufacturer schedule and includes all genuine parts).

    Cambelt, Water pump and associated tensioners: £291.21 + VAT (again, all genuine parts)

    They're not an Audi specialist, but a reseller of pre-owned quality vehicles (Porsche, Aston, Audi, BMW etc).
  16. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    more prices for comparison:

    all Standard AVS service:

    Ipswich Audi £265
    Kings-Lynn Audi £275
    Norwich Audi £250
  17. Club MSV

    Club MSV New Member

    Rather than going to a dealer are there any Audi specialists within 50 miles of London?

    Anyone got any recommendations?

  18. Crazypete00

    Crazypete00 Active Member Audi S3 Audi A4

    Just got a quote from a forge garage near me.

    £250 for full service and haldex oil + filter change.
  19. cmcdonnell

    cmcdonnell New Member

    Does the cambelt not have a fixed interval??
  20. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group Manual

    Well its believed to be between 50 and 60k now, was orignally about 80k, but it was sooner changed to the lower level as they had a tendancy to snap, so dont risk it, and when you do the cambelt, change the waterpump as well.
  21. Kef9

    Kef9 Member

    My 40k AVS was £470 inc haldex oil and filter change.

    My 60k AVS inc haldex oil change, timing belt and water pump was £750

    Both from Warrington Audi.
  22. bantam1

    bantam1 Member

  23. S£

    S£ Member

    Ipswich Audi 20k AVS plus haldex Oil & filter £381
  24. henners

    henners Member

    Hi guys, first post, although have found loads of advice from people here for some time so thanks to all.

    Just booking my S3 in for a service and wanted to get it done by a main dealer - has anyone else noticed the current offer on Audi.co.uk? Major service for £199. I rang Bath Audi today and got quoted nearly double that, but when I mentioned it he spoke to his manager and then called back confirming - apparently it's a new offer on for 3 months, brake fluid change is also £49, again half what I was originally quoted.


    Together with the free MOT sounds seriously cheap to me, only problem is he wants nearly £200 for a Haldex oil change...
  25. c_dog

    c_dog Member

    I've also seen that £200 audi offer, but a bit confused as my local independent wants £160 for a major service (90k), but another local non specialist-wants £270...

    I guess the best thing to do is find out what each include in the service, but I was expecting it to be around the £250 mark. Does this sound right? I'm also tempted by the audi service as you get a nice courtesy car for the day with free insurance even if you’re under 25!

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