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8L S3 owner from Cumbria

Optimum Tuning Dec 12, 2010

  1. Optimum Tuning

    Optimum Tuning www.optimumtuning.co.uk

    Hi all!!

    I live in Ulverston,Cumbria and own a Stage 1 8L S3 that i have some plans for including k04 hybrid turbo amongst other things. I have only had the S3 just over a week and loving it! :yum: I also have a 2007 Golf GT Sport 170 tdi and have had VW's for a long time so i thought i try something similar but maybe better.

    I have been in the motor trade for over 10 years, im a MOT tester have achieved quite a few qualifications including ATA Master and diagnostic Technician status and for the past two years ive been running a ECU remapping facility which now includes a 2wd dyno.

    I hope to gain some knowledge and also share some too.
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  2. CHRIS555

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