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8L PD130 TDi - ESP/Limp mode problem. Advice sought.

JimmyJ Oct 14, 2013

  1. JimmyJ

    JimmyJ New Member

    Hi guys.

    I've had a problem from this weekend where when I start my car and try to set off, it goes into limp mode and the traction light appears on the clocks.

    It seems to go into limp mode until the engine has warmed up and then after switching the ignition off and back on it seems to rectify the problem. I've owned a 90bhp Peugeot HDi previously and that felt miles faster so something is definitely wrong.

    From searching the forum as far as I can tell the problem is likely due to either:

    Faulty MAF sensor/meter.
    faulty injector
    Sticky EGR
    Clogged vanes in the turbo

    or none of the above.

    if someone could help me as to what my actual problem is without me having to fork out for all the aforementioned parts it would be a big help.

    This is my first Audi and haven't encountered problems like this so if any experts can guide me through I'd be grateful.


  2. puggsy21

    puggsy21 Member

    hey alot of people might say to get vag-com or have your car diagnosed to get fault codes, click this link to a diagnostic computer you plug in for vw/audi from ebay and very cheap, then you do a read of the ecu and will notify you you of any codes then look the codes up and read the explanations you get to diagnose the problem. Also gives you option to erase codes with scanner tool but have a read of the link im happy with mine at the mo :)
  3. puggsy21

    puggsy21 Member

    just to add my instict i could be wrong might be impule sensor/speed sensor grab one of them i gave link to and will help tell you problem by code
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  4. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Most common cause of limp mode on the PD130 is 'charge pressure deviation' code, caused either by coked up turbo VNT mechanism or the pressure converter solinoid valve / vacuum pipe that controls it.

    before you go replacing any parts get the car scanned for fault codes
  5. pj123

    pj123 Member

    to check the MAF unplug it. It will revert to default values.

    If you think its the turbo then look up Mr muscle oven cleaner turbo fix. The same engine is in the a4 B6 and there are loads of threads on there about how you fix the turbo. Relatively straight forward.

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