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86 5000cs turbo

7pj777 Feb 23, 2009

  1. 7pj777

    7pj777 New Member

    Hello All,
    I am new at this so please bear with me---I just bought an 86 5000cs turbo. Before buying I talked with the owner, he said that it had a hard start problem when warm, and twice on him it would not start or if it did would not run (after it was warmed up). The last time it did this he decided to sell it. When I arrived to look at it, it had been sitting for a couple of weeks according to the owner, I got in and started it, no problems so far, it ran a little rough until it warmed then smoothed out. I took it for a drive and drove it for nearly 30 minutes, highway and city driving and it ran well, although it did seem to have a slight miss to it. I decided that I would buy it and paid $480.00 for it, did the paper work and took off for home (which was about 70 miles away), hit the freeway on ramp and the car acted as if it was out of gas, I limped it off the first exit and found a place to stop out of traffics way. I called the guy I bought it from and told him what was going on and he said that it sounded like it was doing what he said that it had done on him, but that he had never had a problem with it when he was driving it only after he had shut it off and restarted it. He came by where I had the car parked and gave me $200.00 of my money back to get it towed home, which I used most on doing.
    Now comes the part where I start listing the parts that have been replace by the previous owner (I have receipts that came with the car). All of the fuel related parts were replace with new, with the exception of the fuel distributer, which was rebuilt at a place in California, the plugs, wires, distributer cap and rotor were all replaced with new. I am sure that there are other things that I would need to go through the receipts again to list. I have worked on cars in the past and am not the best at it but can usually keep them up and running.
    My question to someone out there, who knows more the I, does this sound like a electrical problem, sensor, or maybe the main computer, one more thing that he had done, the ignition switch had a push button start that he put on, he said that the key quit working and he bypassed it with a push button. Also the light switch quit and he bypassed it with a toggle switch.

    Thanks for any help that I can get with this. This will be a good car if I can figure out why it will not keep runnings

  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Pic of engine would help is it a 3B or 1B engine

    First thing i would look at is the MAF and the lambda sensor..If you are confident it is getting fuel...Have the Fuel Relay been changed over as this is a very common problem

    Good website for you to read before you look over the car




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