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85k 2003 RS6 Service @ Audi in North East

audi_driver79 Jan 10, 2013

  1. audi_driver79

    audi_driver79 New Member


    Happy times! Yes its due a service so just wanted to know any ideas of prices and what should be included. According to the receipts and documents I got with it 2 years ago the spark plugs etc were done at 69k February 2009 so not up to the 20k interval yet as I am only doing 5k roughly per annum. My local stealership has quoted £600+ for what I think is pollen filter, oil change etc and spark plugs but not much else. What should it include, perhaps brake fluid as well?

    Just wondered if any other owners in the area have had good service elsewhere or had a wildly different price for this service at their age of ownership?

    Anything would be a help, I kind of want to keep the FASH but then again I know independent guys I can also trust....

    Thanks in advance,

    Mark aka audi_driver79
  2. Live.Marc

    Live.Marc New Member

    I've used Straightline Performance in Malvern - they're very reasonably priced, and have prices displayed on their website :) I said I would mention them, maybe that's a bit far to go if you're in the Northeast though

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