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80 quattro insurance woes

leebex Mar 2, 2004

  1. leebex

    leebex New Member

    I`ve just purchased a 1.8 quattro audi 80. A 1988 uk car and the insurance is crippling. Im 27 with 7 years ncb, no points etc and the cheapest quote is £350 a year. For a group 12-14 car this is ridiculous.

    Has anyone else been declined and struggled to insure this car. I live in a quiet area and usually get good quotes. But at this rate I may just sell on as its too expensive for a runabout.


  2. scooby_svx

    scooby_svx New Member

    hi leebex, i just bought a 1990 80 sport(2 litre 8 valve) and i was 300 quid full comp with tesco. had many worse quotes than that lol. im 29 with 6 years ncb. should give tesco a try my other car is a 1996 subaru svx (3.3 litre flat six) group 18 and its only 585 quid full comp again with tesco
  3. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    Is it cost effective to insure an 88 Audi 80 fully comp?

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