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80 parts, whats hot and whats not?

- Jul 19, 2005

  1. Guest

    I've got a 1990 16v sport which I'm breaking. The engine is spoken for-its going in my scirocco and I fancy the VDO gauges too. This means I'm left with a lot of car going spare. I could do with some pointers to which parts are desirable so I know what to keep and sell on. So far I've thought of the following,

    Steering wheel (S2 style)
    Lock set
    Electric Mirrors
    Nearly new dizzy

    What about stuff like the gearbox, Injection system, radiator, glass, lights, interior, panels etc, etc? The cars covered 88k, so there is a lot of good parts.
    Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  2. gags100

    gags100 Member

    The exhaust maybe worth keeping as it is a walker system and fits the coupe model, all the doors and and panels fit all saloons of that era.I was after a new throttle body a year ago ,so they are hard to come by, as is the E.C.U.i If you have the room most things are worth keeping and selling on e bay. They will sell
    hope this helps
  3. Guest

    Hadn't thought about the exhaust, its been standing for a couple of years, so I'll need to have a look to see what state its in. It was taken off the road due to an electrical fault which caused it to cut out unexpectedly, I believe its ecu related, so thats probably not worth keeping.
    Both wings are a little battered, but the doors, bonnet and boot lid are all good. Do they also fit a 90?

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