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80 avant 1.9 tdi

adam21011987 Apr 18, 2006

  1. adam21011987

    adam21011987 New Member

    hi guys im looking at an audi 80 avant 1.9 tdi and was jus wonderin if there was any thing in perticular to watch out for on em ?? cheers guys & gals
  2. gtdog

    gtdog Member

    Look for a good history, listen for rumbles from the back of the engine, and check the wear on the front tyres.
    If the engine bay is too clean walk away. Realy though if the car has been well maintained and serviced they go forever, mine has 170k is chipped and still pulls like a train, uses no oil and returns 45ish mpg

    Usual checks,
    Oil, check clean and no eggy stuff under filler cap (Head gone)
    Power Steering Fluid, sniff, if eggy their is water in there and big bills coming.
    Header tank, oil slick? Head gone walk away
    Oil drips in engine bay, expect a little around the rocker cover, but use a torch and have a realy good look about.
    Jack up the front end, check suspension bushes and joints for play, CV boots go every 15-20k. with the heavy engine over the front the suspension does get a hammering.
    Check gears, pulls evenly from 1200rpm in each, clutch biting two thirds up, go pedal feels lifeless at first, you get used to it.
    Check for bangs and clonks from rear suspension, sit in rear seats and get driven.

    Other than these things all the usual suspects on an expensive old car for pocket money.

    One repair can cost more than you paid for it!

    Happy hunting

  3. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    Don't know diesels but check power steering pump and rack for leaks. this applies to all Audi's.

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