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7 Seater Option

batty Jun 2, 2005

  1. batty

    batty Member

    can anyone give me some advice on this please.

    I'm currently looking for an A6 avant & am particularly interested in the 7 seat option.

    does the 3rd row of seats face forward or backwards?

    are they suitable for adults or only children?

    are they removable or foldable or how much do the use up the luggage carrying ability?

    any info gladly received.

    can this option be seen on a brochure & is there one on the net anywhere ??

  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Here you go mate.

  3. batty

    batty Member

    thanks for the info.
  4. batty

    batty Member

    I’ve now bought an A6 Avant (2005 year, old model). I didn’t hold out for a 7-seater option as they’re as rare as rocking horse do-do. Interestingly, the owner’s manual details the fitting of the 3rd row of seats. The original kit seems very well engineered –

    - the seat can be easily fitted or removed by use of a couple of levers.
    - the location of the seat into the floor looks like a couple of circular fittings below the level of the boot floor
    - the seat can be rotated about one of the fastening points so the seat can be left at one side of the boot, giving a reasonable load carrying space
    - the seat is rearwards facing and only suitable for 3 years and over children (not enough space for adults)
    - A couple of lap and diagonal inertia reel seat belts are included
    - there’s even a drinks holder !

    I’ve got a couple of questions
    – can an original seat assembly be fitted into any boot floor i.e. do all floors have the necessary fittings as standard, or does the factory option actually call up a modification to the chassis fabrication, ?
    and what’s the cost of the seat assembly from an audi dealer.?

    Another option could be to source the parts from a dismantler.

    I’m not in a mad rush for the extra seats, but as the kids get older (they’re both under 3 at the moment), or we go for a third, there will be a definite need for more seats. A third row of seats would enable 4 or 5 adults with 3 or 2 kids, and in addition to a roof-box, we could still have some luggage space. I see this option a lot more convenient than having to run a bigger car all the time i.e. MPV, SUV, minibus, etc !!

    Any advice would be really helpful

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