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6speed shift quality query?

imported_druggie Sep 17, 2004

  1. Hi all, even though I am only new to the forum and live on the opposite site of the world to most of you i would appreciate some help on the following....

    To all S4 owners with the 6 speed box can you give me some input as to what the shift quality is like in your vehicles. Is it always smooth and easy to shift between the lower gears as it is in the higher gears? Or is there always some coarseness, resistance and delay when shifting b/w 1-2 and 2-3 and even 3-4 at mid to high revs? Is this why many fit a short shift kit which corrects these problems?

    I believe my car to have some synchro issues (esp when going into 3rd gear ) but before i tackle audi as my car is under warranty i want some feedback on what other s4 6 speeds are like.

    Maybe I am just too critical...

  2. i dunno bout s4 but my a4 definately has its smooth gears and its gears where u think to urself "damn, that didn't feel right". the higher ones are definately smoother. but i think its normal...or i hope so.
  3. Our PD130 has the six speed 'box. 3rd is definitely a bit notchy and you can feel the gear engaging.

    We've done less than 1k miles so I'm not overly concerned at the moment as it will loosen up.

    I must admit that I don't remember it like that on the demo car and that was also brand new when I drove it.

  4. I had that problem before I modified my car... I installed RS4 clutch & fly wheel and I got a Tanoga short shifter! Now I only have a very slight resistence when changing from 1st to 2nd when my car is still cool!

  5. [ QUOTE ]
    druggie said:
    is the rs4 flywheel lighter than the s4 version?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No, I don't think so... It's bigger!

  6. But the gearbox is the same? So must have plenty of room in the bell housing?
  7. s4gurl

    s4gurl New Member

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    I've been having the same issues when I shift to 3rd. I've reported it to two dealers under warranty and they both denied any problems.

    Please let me know if you find out anything regarding it.
  8. aagallarini

    aagallarini Member

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    Mine shifts pretty smooth, but definitely lets you know when you get it into gear. The only hesitation mine has is when I'm trying to get into 1st when going really slow or completely stopped. Sometimes I have to hold the clutch and pull it into 2nd before finally going into 1st. It never grinds or anything, just a little stubborn sometimes.
  9. As my experience goes, Audi gearboxes have never been mega-smooth, but always solid and positive. Every Audi I've ever driven (5 or 6) seemed to stuggle to engage 1st cleanly. I think it's just the way they are. One interesting thing though, it seems that the newer the car, the more stubborn the gearbox. My last Audi ('89 Coupe 2.2) had done 170k when I got rid, and it did seem to be a lot looser and lighter to change gears in that compared to a couple of B6 Audi's I've driven.

  10. So has anyone had their box repaired under warranty for such issues ?
  11. Lo Chaps,

    Yeah I have the same 1st gear delay when slowing down in my 99 S4

    In my old A4 2.8Q I had a noisy second gear, the stealers rebuilt the gearbox under warranty but it took 2 weeks !! Luckily though Audi provided a nice new A4 2.5TDi Q Sport for the duration...


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