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62 plate courtesy car comparison

L333fow Dec 23, 2012

  1. L333fow

    L333fow Member

    Right since some woman decided to T-bone the wife a couple of weeks back and cause 4k worth of damage our 2007 2.0tdi sport back is at audi over Christmas.
    They have provided us with a 2012 tdi sport back
    there are a few things I've being comparing to ours,
    mainly pulling power, now I'm not 100% sure which engine is in this but as per my other post mine seems to lag power, stall easy etc where as this one pulls loads better in first, really hard to stall and can easily set off in second
    other things I've noticed that I quite like and would be cool to have on ours are
    the steering wheel! Much better, leather is lovely, it's just the standard mfsw
    the gear knob I like too, wouldn't mind trying to source one of these but can't seem to find!!
    the economy driving feature on the dis is cool too! Along withe the gear change
    i also like the stop start function!
    Also since reading the AC on or off post I have been playing with the climate control on ours on auto and when on its seems to get faster with speed, doesn't drop down much and always comes on full, where as the new one stays low until warm then gradually increases and when you kock temp down it drops speed drastically (much better in my eyes)
    sorry for the long post just wanted to mention a few things and see what possible on my model

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