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6 x 9's?

sharma Apr 11, 2007

  1. sharma

    sharma Member


    I have a set of components up front in my Audi a3 and a sub in the boot. I have 2 amps to run this and it sounds good. However i would like some treble comming from the back of the car too. I know it would make much difference for me sitting in the front, however it will still make it sound fuller and people sitting in the back can hear more treble rather than just bass.

    I have a good set of 6 x 9's and am thinking about buying a stealth shelf and putting them in. There are mixed views on this. But my amp will be set to high pass so that little bass and more treble goes though to the 6 x 9's. What do you guys think about this? I heard andymac does not like 6 x 9's and he knows loads about ICE so if you know why i would be greatful.
  2. kiwibeef

    kiwibeef New Member

    there's nothing wrong with running 6x9's in the rear, I use 6" coaxial's in my A4 as 'backfull' I run the fader to bais the front speakers it gives a fully encompassing result. remember the sound should always appear to come from the horizon in front of you.. have you had a butchers at iasca's web site?? that might be of help... good luck
  3. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    there is no reason why you cant use 6 x 9 in the back of the car if that is what you want

    but from a purist point of view the actual aim is to get all the sound to come from a point near you dashboard and then extend fowards down your bonnet this creates whats known as a "stage"
    if however you place speakers in the back of the car and have them tunred up too loud you will pull the stage backwards and towards yourself so as it encompasses you rather than is in front of you

    when you go to a concert are any of the performers behind you ???

    have a look on the iascauk website www.iascauk.com and www.talkaudio.com it gives lots of info about getting the best from car audio systems
    im actually an iasca judge myself

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