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6.6" Width Restrictions with high curbs

A3_3.2_S-Line Feb 13, 2007

  1. A3_3.2_S-Line

    A3_3.2_S-Line Member

    I hate 6.6" Width Restrictions with high curbs!!!!!

    Whats the point in having posts for markers if the curbs are within the markers!?

    I curbed a wheel the other day on such a curb and I have to say i wasn't a happy bunny.

    In my old car MG ZR 1.8 (it was a perfect package for me when I was 19) I went past these restrictions without slowing down. But now I have turned into a little old granny and I have to say its getting embarrassing.

    I think the A3 is partly to blame as I can never tell where the passenger corner of the bonnet ends.


    it could just be my being ****.

    Please be gentle...:sorry:
  2. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    ohhh dear - perhaps it is the age... spacial awareness is going!
    Just kidding.... there are some particularly narrow sets in west london (Hogarth Roundabout fly over and Hammersmith bridge) and I have to say I have to breath in and pray!
  3. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I have to drive through a very similar-sized narrow gap to get into the business park where I work, and every time I cringe as I go through, hoping the wheels are okay - so you're not alone!
  4. rowansbank

    rowansbank Member

    You are not alone! Although some people on here have advocated rear parking sensors, I find no problem reversing in to gaps (yet!) but often get out in supermarket parking bays to find the front end further out than i had estimated - luckily no scrapes yet! :faint:

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