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5x112 Mercedes alloy wheels with tyres

dubstar81 Apr 11, 2012

  1. dubstar81

    dubstar81 Member

    Selling a set of genuine 16" merc rims with tyres. Comes with two 195 44 16 tread which have loads of tread and two 205 45 16 which have worn on the inner edges.
    7.5 wide ET 42
    Could do with a refurb but no nasty chunks missing just a bit of curb rash.
    My intension was to polish them up with pearl grey centres for the mk2 but now have my eye on something else.
    These would look pretty cool on a t4 or maybe an old b5 audi? or run adaptors. These came off a mk3 Golf whicj the guy ran adaptors
    I dont have a problem in using a courier
    Located in Plymouth
    £170 but open to sensible offers

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