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59 plate A3 front grill

_JJ_ Apr 4, 2013

  1. _JJ_

    _JJ_ Member

    I've had a search on the forum and there are a couple of threads that i found but non with quite what i'm looking for.

    Basically i've got a 59 plate A3 and i'm looking at doing the number plate delete on the front grill. I know you can buy a panel that just swaps out but from looking at my grill its all one solid piece. So the two options would be give smoothing it ago or to find another grill to swap out with.

    Looking online most of the grill are for the models up to 2008, and the ones for 2009- seem to be single piece. This is what i'm looking for but the price seems very heigh. Audi A3 FWD TDI > Search > Grille > ES#2081170 Blackout Grille Assembly With All Black Plate Filler Kit - 8P4898001 the colour isn't too much of a deal as i'm thinking with spraying all my grills, And I don't mind a second hand one as long as its in a pretty good condition.


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