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57 TT 2.0TFSI Alloys & TPMS

dean_watford Jan 11, 2012

  1. dean_watford

    dean_watford Member


    Just bought a 57-Plate 2.0T TT Sport which has the std 17" Trapez wheels with 225/50/17 tyres on them. I understand these to be 8J wheels with a E47 Offset.

    Am looking to change them to 19" wheels but have read conflicting info regarding wheel size, tyres and offset. Anyone know the definitive answer to what size should be used?

    I would prefer to use 235/35/19s if possible as this is a more popular and cheper size than the 245 or 255's.

    I'm thinking Rotor 5's on 8Js - this - Visual Tyre Size Calculator | Kouki Tech indicates that 235s can be used on 8J or 8.5J wheels - can anyone verify this?

    My thinking is that if the wheel is the same width (8") and the tyre is 10mm wider (5 inside, 5 outside) then the offset should be 42. Agree / Disagree?

    Any comments on the wheel choice for a Deep Sea Pearl car? I'm thinking titanium with polished edges....

    Finally it has Tyre pressure monitor - what is the deal with this? Are the sensors on the wheels so do I need to buy 4 sensors for these wheels?
  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    TPMS is driven by the ABS sensors monitoring for inconsistency in rotational turn caused by lower pressures.

    Wheel wise I think you'd be ok with an equivalent to ET 42 if you haven't lowered it. I ran ET42 replicas on my last S3 without issue.

    Titanium rim with polished edge gets my vote.

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