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57 plate sportsback a3 stale water smell

msparks78 Mar 4, 2012

  1. msparks78

    msparks78 New Member

    i have purchased an audi a3 57 plate sportsback and there is a rancid smell of stale water i have checked all carpets,seats and boot well and everything is bone dry is their any other place where water can collect ?

    we have taken it back to the dealer and they have treated the ac with anti bacterial fluid but the smell is still present.

    Can someone pls help to get rid of this smell.

  2. moag

    moag she's no d-turbo

    Best way to get rid of the smell is to wet vac the interior.

    Obviously it will come back though if you don't find the source of the smell!
  3. andy1acars

    andy1acars Member

    Spilt baby milk or milk is impossible to get rid of, get on the floor and sniff carpet, seats and door panel and boot, if thats all ok then get an aircon bomb that you set off with heater running and you out of the car, run aircon once a week as it lubricates pump and keeps fresh. We had a golf years ago and gave a lady a lift who was knocked over and her bag had a broken milk carton which leaked on floor, changed all carpets etc and couldnt get rid of smell, sold car and it was brandnew, hope this helps.
  4. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi Matt, welcome to ASN. Did the dealer check the air conditioning, it may need re gassed. Hope you enjoy the forum. :)
  5. msparks78

    msparks78 New Member

    no milk or anything like that everything is dry inside the car, the ac or heaters dont have to be on the car smelsl all the time not sure if they regassed the ac it goes back friday so will find out a bit more then.

    i have searched everywhere i can to see if anything is wet only started after we wash the car to keep it clean.
  6. Lund

    Lund Member

    Car purchased from a previous flood area? My mother once did her weekly shopping and placed some of the supermarket bags on the back seat, unloaded the car and all was well. One week later there's a strong smell of 'fish' in the car, this went on for yet another week until she discovered a bag of prawns had escaped the shopping bag and had hidden underneath the driver seat!

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