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56 plate Audi S3 - Very well looked after example.

MoloneyS3 Jul 24, 2013

  1. MoloneyS3

    MoloneyS3 New Member

    Hello there,

    for sale is my 56/early 2007 Audi S3, this has been my brilliant machine for the last 5 months. I always wanted one of these cars since I was 17, being 21 now - the dream came true, it has cost me an arm and a leg to insure at my age but has been worth every last penny, these cars are fantastic. This has been my daily driver every single day, to and from work and hasn't missed a beat and always driven with great care.

    ***********************Private plate not included*******************

    It comes with the usual 2007 Audi S3 specification of heated leathers, Sat-nav built in (Earlier version) and all the other toys and gadgets. In addition to the spec, it also has the 'Coming home lights' function where the lights come on when you unlock the car and also when you lock it after driving at night, very appealing extra, also has the daytime running lights which can be set to Auto for when the ambient lighting outside gets darker the headlights come on.

    Obviously it has the great Quattro system which grips the road like I don't know what, superb handling.

    My only reason for this reluctant sale is my head office is moving into the centre of Leeds in the next few months and I will be moving in with my girlfriend to save transport money to and from work, this would mean I would not get any use out of the car at all - which kills me to say but this is the only logical way of selling up, which I do not want to do at all as I love this car.

    The car has only ever had 3 former keepers and the service history of this car is brilliant -

    Full Audi service history up until 65,683 after that it has been independently serviced.
    MOT'd until March 2014
    Full HPI checked/Report done on February 2013
    Tax'd until November 2013

    Before I bought the car it had its full service done along with everything checked over, also it's MOT just done. However - literally 2-3 weeks later I wanted to double check this as I didn't want to risk it. So I spent £300 on a full service with absolutely everything checked and brand new plugs, filters, everything. It is safe to say this car is well maintained and serviced to the upmost.

    Plenty of tread of each tyre.

    My car is always warmed up and cooled down prior and post driving, I wait for the oil temperature on the display to get to a certain temperature before driving and let it come down on idle aswell, never switched off after any length of commuting straight away.

    In regards to additions I have done in my time of ownership which are subtle apart from one,

    *Crisp white numberplate bulbs (LEDs) - error code free (expensive versions of the bulb)
    *80 percent tints on the car which are brilliant for keeping the heat out and you can still vaguely see in, it is a nice privacy option.
    *S-Line tyre caps, secure with locking tool, they look very smart*
    *Full Turbo-back exhaust from Tony banks exhausts in Leeds, which was done just recently, it is straight through from the manifold so is loud but can always be taken off if next owner wanted to, still can drive it quietly in the higher gears when not pressing on, it cost me £479 in total so is full stainless steel, tig welded.. Very very high quality and will come with the original receipt and has a lifetime guarantee. The car really does go well with this modification as it breaths so freely and takes off like a rocket after boost creeps in*

    Other than that, the car is completely standard. It is always run on V-power Nitro, Octane rating ; 99. Washed and hoovered every single week without fail.

    My car wants for nothing other than another responsible buyer who will look after this car as much as I have.

    Any questions etc, Text me on 07880727882

    Thank you - Liam

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