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55k miles S-line 2.0 TDI DSG or 28k TDI sport (no s - line spec)???

Duncan Feb 12, 2009

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Member

    am looking at buying a 2005 A3 tdi S-line DSG and have a budget of 10k or there abouts

    my question is really - should i be jumping at cars on like 20-30k miles or is the difference between getting one with 50k and 20k not that big a deal?

    am wondering if im going to have to spend more time maintaining a 50k-60k mileage car vs one that has done half as many miles

    also is it worth getting it from an approved audi used car dealership - would they give me a warranty?

    would really like the S-line but cant find many that have done less than around 50k miles

    any help would great great



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