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54 plate A6 2.4V6 - number plate light issues

A6fella Sep 23, 2008

  1. A6fella

    A6fella New Member

    Simple one some would say but it's got me puzzled & I'm technically minded.

    My rear number plate lights on my 54 plate A6 saloon have stopped working. I've changed both bulbs, checked the connections on the bulb holders, cleaned the terminals they touch on in the mechanism to get the power, checked the fuses in both front panels & the rear one (although none seem to be relevant) and still I cannot get them to light up.

    Am I missing something here in obvious terms that is stopping them from lighting/powering up, is there another link somewhere in their operation that could be at fault or do I have a problem of some other magnitude?

    If anyone can assist I would appreciate it so as I get them sorted out before (a) I get a pull by the police or (b) I have to pay the garage a visit to identify & fix.

  2. bigdavie

    bigdavie please speak slowly so i'll understand !

    have you run a test lamp or a multimeter over the terminals to see if your getting a ground / power ?
  3. Flying Spanner

    Flying Spanner Member

    Fuse S4 5A OK?
    From here its a grey/yellow to T10f/7 (pin 7 of the brown 10 pin plug in A pillar left) then onto X the number plate lights.
    Earth is an in loom earth splice in the luggage compartment loom at point 2
    Make sure you have a live AND earth.
    Output from switch could also be faulty, but your dash lights 58 would not work then.

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