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535d to s3? first post

smithyl23 Aug 11, 2013

  1. smithyl23

    smithyl23 New Member


    1st post so here goes..

    Have spent the time since i joined reading historic threads via the search function, but would be interested to hear recent thoughts experiences etc...

    Looking at moving to an s3 09 plate onwards.

    last three cars TVR T350,, A3 170 tdi, and now LCI 535d MSport mapped to 350/510

    The 535 is pretty quick and surprises a lot of cars on the road - neck a neck with a M135i to about 120, where i pulled away.

    However, it doesn't excite me that much as so smooth and quiet, and although really good handling 95% of the time, you start to feel the 1700kg weight when you push on the twisties.

    Anyway I'm looking to move back to a hatch back, and whilst wanting to remain in a quality, almost prestige feel-car, and return to a quick and nimble handling car - I'm starting to lean towards the s3.

    Anyway to the questions...

    1) Are they out of the box sorted cars, or do you need to upgrade suspension (arb F/R, damper/spring etc, poly bushes), for it to really feel the way it should?

    2) Id be looking to tune the car to max safe limits within reason, have looked at stage 1,2,3's etc at few diff. tuning company' website etc... What is the max bhp / ft/lbs you can get from the engine until you need to start changing engine internals etc...?

    3) What is real world mpg on both a standard s3, and a stage 2/3 s3? My TVR was about 18-22mpg mix of driving (8mpg if sent on), and the bmw if driven softly would return 38mpg (mix of driving more like 35) - Doesn't really bother me too much as the gf has a diesel qashqai I can use also. Just curious as to what mpg people get?

    4) What the different types of servives eg. interim/major/ DSG gearbox etc... are there and what are their mileage and costs? Will be at a local VAG indy that I use.

    5) Does anyone have the electronic adjustable suspension option on their s3? Seen this and wondered if it works well?

    6) Anything else to be aware of? I've read about the cam follower issues, std clutches being pretty week with DSG being able to handle a lot more, and a few other of the s3 aspects...Looking to buy one within 3 months

    Your thoughts and comment would be appreciated.

  2. smithyl23

    smithyl23 New Member

    Just read that post back, ha it's a long one, sorry!

  3. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    Have you considered an RS3? That way out of the box you'd have something quick and sorted without needing to spend money on mapping it etc. A stage II tuned S3 has about the same performance as an RS3 out of the box. Of course the tuning potential is also there with the 2.5TFSI should you want even more. I'd say that would be more of an upgrade from your BMW and trust me the RS3 loves the twisties, just pop a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres on for added fun.

    Oh and the RS3 will easily return 27mpg over mixed driving.

    Just my opinion but Stronic all the way for either S3 or RS3.

    I know I didn't directly answer your question but I think the RS3 (or TTRS if you don't need the practicality) is another option for you to consider.
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  4. smithyl23

    smithyl23 New Member

    Cheers for the reply, have looked at them yes, but are quite a bit more than i want to spend, and after watching chris harris drive the rs3 and M135i back to back in his 20 min review of them, I'm looking for just an s3. The TT is out for me as I need four seats, (car share to work)

  5. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Welcome to audi-sport.net Smithy. Habe a read through the faqs threads, there is a lot of info in there, and a lot of friendly people with so much knowledge. You may not get to many replies today as a lot of the members are attending aitp. Enjoy the forum. :) x
  6. Dean_T

    Dean_T Active Member

    I will help on the points that I can :)

    I went from driving manuals all my life to the DSG in my S3, it took a bit to get used to but it is WAY better than a manual IMO.

    The tuning point a lot of people max out at is "stage 2+" (by Revo or similar) - hardware required would be;
    CAI (cold air induction)
    performance CAT and exhaust system
    HPFP (high pressure fuel pump upgrade)
    Intercooler upgrade such as forges twintercooler - some people dont bother with this

    After a remap all the above would see ~350bhp and equivalent lb/ft torque numbers

    The cam follower is a watch-out, if you are picking up an '09 then get it changed ASAP if it hasnt been done already
    As far as cam belt changes, VW say 4 years, Audi say 5 (talking about exactly the same engines) me personally I would go on the side of caution and do it every 4 years - there is a mileage on the change but I cant remember off the top of my head!

    I'm quite a new S3 owner too and it wasnt look before I went for a CAI and stage 1 map - the standard car is pretty boring power wise IMO, although I did come from a stage 1 Leon K1.

    There are other people better educated on here that can talk about handling and engine/gearbox limitations so I will let them take over from here :)
  7. XFi

    XFi In need of a V8.

    I agree with your points re it being boring power wise, I came from a stage 1 8L S3. Stage 1 is better but still nothing amazing but the S3 puts it power down so well and it isn't exactly a light car!

    I think out of the box the S3 handles well and that the brakes are the only let down but unless your doing track day's this shouldn't be a major issue.

    As for MPG if I drive like a saint with half town driving and the other half being motorway I managed to get 330 miles from full until the top of the red. Purely town I managed a measly 220 miles to a tank. Purely motorway I managed 420 miles once...
  8. Sevv

    Sevv Pushing the limits..

    gearboxes are to watch out for mate ... they seem to be like cheese.. same for the clutch do too many standing starts and your synchros and main shaft bearing will need replacing ..

    handling wise its not too bad, however if you're anywhere near like me then stiff B16's b14's would be the way to go with an anti lift kit and ARB's poly bushing them would go a long way.

    the engine seems to be really good , after mine **** itself thanks to Audi and seeing the damage personally .. the engine is almost bullet proof and good build quality considering i had abolt have fun in there and bent valves. (engine still functioned and sounded normal)
  9. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    The manual clutch is very weak and if you modify the engine then you should budget on a new uprated replacement.

    The gearbox is surprisingly strong considering its built for an engine with 260lbs torque it copes with twice that reasonably well.

    You are already aware of the other problem areas.

    The electronic suspension is IMHO not worth it and a good aftermarket kit is way better.
  10. RYes3

    RYes3 Active Member Team Nardo Audi RS3

    You mean the review where the RS3 won in a straight line and was quicker round the track? Also the one with the muppet who thinks the suspension hardens up when the S button is pressed?

    I giggle a little every time I hear that "review" mentioned......

    Seriously though, after you take the above out of the equation the only negative on the RS3 is the under steer (which by the way isn't there on cars fitted with the optional 8.5J 255 fronts). You also get under steer on the S3 (I had one before the RS3).

    S-Tronic is awesome, had that on the S3 and RS3 too. Wouldn't go back to manual now.

    The 535 sounds like it was a beast, best of luck in your search :)
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