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52 TDI problem - again

bonerp Dec 21, 2007

  1. bonerp

    bonerp Member

    I've had my car about 2.5 maybe 3 months. Bought it from the local vauxhall dealer.

    A week after I had the car, the front pulley let go and I lost the power steering and alternator.

    They fixed it.

    This week its been making a sparking kinda noise from the same area but this morning the car started to get very loud sounding more like a tractor at tickover. If you rev it up, the noise cleared away.

    I'm suspecting the pulley is about to go again. What do you think I should do?

    The last time it went was 80 miles away from home and had to come back on a flat bed! Next week I'm supposed to be going up there again for xmas! Bloody great.

    Is it also too late to ask for a refund on this car??


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