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52-plate A4 3.0 Quattro (sport) Manual - What should i look for?

richard300 Dec 5, 2013

  1. richard300

    richard300 New Member

    Hi, I am off to look at a 3.0 Quattro Saloon on Sunday.
    Its a manual car and in 'sport' trim. Finished in a very dark metallic blue with the full Votex bodykit and RS4 style wheels.
    I like the look of it, and the spec is good....

    Just wondering what i should check for when viewing/drivivng?

    The car has covered 85k and had the timing belt/waterpump/v-belt change 10k ago.
    At this kind of mileage should i be looking for receipts for certain other work having been carried out?
    Whats an average lifespan for a clutch on one of these?

    Are there any common problems with the V6 or the Quattro drive train?

    Many Thanks...
  2. boomtown

    boomtown Member

    Hello mate same motor, had for 3 years,awesome bit of kit in my opinion
    now as to what to look out for
    regular oil changes a must !,check to see if coil packs have been change,this is a recall so its free
    keep an eye on cats and 02 sensors as these get a bit naughty nearing 100k,the maf is a bit suspect aswell so keep an eye out
    also the abs module can create problems,which can result in a 1k bill,but these can be repaired now for £300
    apart from this not a lot, mine has been pretty bullitproof to be honest
    and it pulls like a train,and on motorway cruising at 70mph ive had 40mpg !!!!!!!!!

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