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52 plate A2 1.6 FSI head gasket/cracked head or something else?

Discussion in 'A2 forum' started by audi2.5tdi, May 22, 2014.

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    Sep 1, 2013
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    [May 22, 2014]
    just picked up a 52 plate A2, 1.6 FSI (BAD engine code) 91k miles full audi/specialist history

    not running, the previous owner said he came out to it one morning and the coolant light was on, so he topped it up, ended up needing a lot of coolant, tried to start it, nothing, not even starter spinning

    called the AA, they diagnosed a head gasket, towed to the garage, and not touched since

    just removed the head, bores are full of oil/water mix, crank case full of the very same

    head looks like new (havent pressure tested it yet), surface of the block look fine, bores all good

    head gasket hasnt really given any clue to if its failed

    question is, where is this huge volume of water likely to have come from?

    oil cooler? cracked head? cracked block? head gasket?

    are the fsi engine known for any likely faults?
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