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51 plate A3 Drivers door card removal

robgosty Feb 26, 2010

  1. robgosty

    robgosty New Member

    Hi all, need a bit of help here, window stopped working so need to remove door card, found one fixing under grab handle but can`t seem to find any more, is there only the one and then card pulls off or are there some more hidden ones, dont want to bugger door card up, nothing on google for 8L, only later models and not the same. :huh:
  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    Under the grab handle, there is one screw which holds a plastic cover. remove this and you will find 2 bolts/screws which need to be removed. Then there are 2 some screws one at the top of the door panel in the hinge area and the other at the other end of the door by the lock. Once these 4 screws/bolts are removed the the whole door card will lift up and out but be careful of all the wires as they aren't that long.
  3. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum


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