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50 miles in my new (to me) 170 TDI quattro

samuelt Sep 12, 2008

  1. samuelt

    samuelt Member

    Hi all

    Just picked up my 2006/56 170 Quattro sportback and WOW! what a difference from my 2002 A4 130 Sport. The A4 could hold it's own with newer cars but this 170 just pulls like f***ing rocket! I know a couple of the petrols A3s have more BHP but less torque, but are they (forgetting 0-60) as quick in Real life acceleration?

    As my wife and young daughter were in the car i could not drive to quick but once they were back at home and i nipped out to Halfords. I pushed it hard in first and second slowing down as i went into third (30-zone!) It felt like it could do this for the next few gears!

    Will have to go out tommorow and have another shot!!!!!

    Also is it easy to replace the blank pannel above the drivers head to have the two small driving lamps and led's ?
  2. bluequattro

    bluequattro Member

    hi samuel, i just did the ambient light mod on my a3, sourced the parts from vagparts, then removed the light panel, couple of screws, unplugged cable and plugged in new panel refitted screws basically plug n play, theres a couple of how 2 on here matey.

  3. samuelt

    samuelt Member

    Thank you
  4. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    They do pull well. With the Quattro I guess you dont even need to think about being progressive with the throttle.

    Just wait till a few months down the line and you will be looking for more!

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