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  1. johnyj

    johnyj Member

  2. 205man

    205man Active Member

    no it will be someone screwing up someone elses auction , this happened to me when i was selling my old phone on ebay, it was going up on bids nicely and was around the £100 pound mark whith 0ne day to go then i got 2 stupid bids that took me t nearly £1000 pound.

    they were both from people supposedly in africa (auction said no over seas bids), and they send you an email asking you to post it to somewhere else as they are doing charity/missionary work somewhere, so could they have my bank details so they could send the extra postage money?????????

    then they just dont reply when you start badgering them, and i got the bill from ebay for auction fees, which i had to argue with them about, but the didnt charge me in the end and closed the idiots accounts.

    i just remove now anyone who bids from abroad if my ad says no over seas bidders

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