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  1. DBoniface

    DBoniface New Member

    Hi All

    hopefully this will interest some of you on the 3MDirect website at the moment they are offers 50% discount on all car cleaning stuff you need to use '50CARCARE' at the check out.

    Works out £3 ea for wheel and tyre cleaner & window cleaner which are 2 fantastic products.

    Hopefully it will help and if anyone uses quidco or topcashback they offer around 8% cashback.
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  2. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    Thank you very much....

    I actually ordered the 3M headlight restoration kit from Amazon around lunchtime for £20 including delivery, but just managed to cancel it in time before it was dispatched.

    So just went and purchased the same item from the 3M website for £14 including delivery :)

  3. DBoniface

    DBoniface New Member

    quality glad it helped def spend that £6 saving on the wheel cleaner and the window cleaner they are 2 good products the wash liquid is thin but seems to last a long time and smells gooooooooodd

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