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3inch TIP and rolling road

s3 man Feb 9, 2011

  1. s3 man

    s3 man Member

    Hi guys just a quick one really. I'm having my s3 booked in at r-tec for some checks as I thinks I have a boost leak and I can hear a possible air leak and have a slight lack of power.Also they will be doing a rolling road to as part of the diag.

    My question is. I have ordered a 3inch intake and induction kit from badger5 and I wasn't sure to fit it before or after my checks on the car as I would like to see the power before fitting the pipe.Will r-tec know what sort of power it should produce if i was to fit the intake or with/without mods for example 3inch intake,3inch dp ect
  2. S3KO4

    S3KO4 Member

    Simples do two runs, one with and one without it. and you would know the difference. obviously get your leaks sorted first.
  3. cecilthesausage

    cecilthesausage ...It's Never Finished...

    Get everything running sweet first..........

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