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388 BHP 'Big Turbo' Mk1 Audi TT Roadster! 52k miles - £6,500 - NOW MOT'd and Taxed!

elrao Jun 25, 2014

  1. elrao

    elrao Member

    Low mileage (<52k) Audi 225 Quattro TT Roadster (2000 X) with a twin scroll turbo conversion in 2008 taking the power to 388BHP! Now Taxed and MOT'd - ready to test drive and drive away!

    Selling due to lack of use since children appeared on the scene nearly 5 years ago! I've done less 2000 miles since the conversion and the car had been SORN for 3 years until last month. Was garage stored on a trickle charger and started every couple of months - it never failed to start. Now back on the road and it passed its MOT first time with only a new bulb required!

    Is one of few big turbo roadsters, the Twin Scroll Turbo conversion transforms the car, very smooth power delivery and pulls to 7k rpm. Produced 388bhp and a nice wide 340 ft/lbs of Torque on the dyno!
    Not many genuine low milers around these days. I've seen similar age/mileage standard or lightly modified roadsters up for sale at £5k. For a little more money you get a lot more car!

    Engine conversion cost (shudder) ~£12k, in fact I've seen similar bare engines sell for > £4k without all the extras you need to get the car running.

    I've sorted the Tax & MOT and had an oil change, hence £500 increase from previous advert. Car still needs a few bits and pieces doing, nothing major but a few bits here. Please do not waste my time or yours if you want to come take a look and then make me a low ball offer. I will just lock up my garage, point you towards the A12 and go back in the house.

    Twin Scroll Conversion
    The conversion included an engine rebuild and head skim, as well as all the uprated 'bolt-on' parts from the turbo kit and other bolt on parts to complement it. The conversion took about 6 months end to end and cost about £12k, it included
    • SCAT forged conrods
    • TOGA performance bearings
    • Head skim
    • Supertech Inconel valves
    • IHI Twin Scroll Turbo
    • Equal Length Tubular Manifold
    • Custom steel intake pipe
    • 3" downpipe
    • De-cat pipe
    • Braided oil and fuel hoses
    • Sachs Organic paddle clutch
    • Forge Short Shifter (both front to back and side to side shifters)
    • Urated engine mounts (fast road, not track mounts, so not too harsh)
    • Genesis 550cc injectors
    • Forge FMIC
    • Green Panel Filter
    • 8 bar fuel pump kit
    • 4 bar regulator
    • Magnex cat-back exhaust
    • Custom code phase 3 software
    Car also has a few gently handling modifications including
    • Lowered (springs only)
    • R32 anti-roll bars
    • Defcon 2s
    • Poly bushes
    Some aesthetic modifications including:
    • Polished charge pipe
    • Polished inlet manifold
    • Polished strut brace
    • All red silicone hoses
    • Engine Bling Kit
    • Riso Carbon Fibre spoiler add-on
    • QS replica wheels (spacers front and rear)
    • v6 rear valance
    • Facelift titanium headlights
    All in doesn't add a lot of value, but makes it look pretty!

    It started as a high spec RHD UK Spec import (insurance not impacted) with Xenons, BOSE, cruise control, heated leather seats etc. I've owned it for 10+ years and had the conversion done late 2008, when the cambelt, waterpump, haldex oil & filter and alternator were also all done. Had a new Bosch battery about 2011 (kept in good shape by a CTEX battery maintenance charger), had new discs and front and rear pads less than 500 miles ago. All recent service history at eiher APS or JBS, probably needs a service even though its been 500 miles since the last one, it has been +12 months!
    Bad bits:
    Car is 14 years old and there are a few light scratches here and there. The rear passenger quarter needs re-spraying as some of the laquer started to peel so had it touched up, but not very well and needs to be re-done, it also has been keyed on this panel and the door. I've had a quote of £400 to get the passenger side wing/door/rear quarter/bumper resprayed as this is where the key mark is and some lacquer peel. If this is done then the asking price will increase by £400.

    Similarly there are a few niggles, the electric roof works intermitently. I am hoping to find the fault and fix it, but have no time these days. I think it may be the hydraulic fluid needs topping up, but have no time to check. Fuel gauge needs fixing (quoted £130 for dashpod repair).

  2. How recent are the photos? Take it it's due a cambelt change? Thanks
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2014
  3. Ignore that just seen in the title. Where are you based?
  4. elrao

    elrao Member

    Essex, about 5 mins from J28 of the M25.
  5. elrao

    elrao Member

    Up. Going for paint this week.
  6. elrao

    elrao Member

    Painted and dash pod (fuel gauge) now fixed

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