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350z vs A3 3.2

richy Dec 21, 2004

  1. richy

    richy Member

    ok going back a while i cant remember the person who asked me to do a compare and share test drive but i have finally driven a 350z..

    although it was a manual and not an auto like mine i have driven a manual version of mine so feel as though my opinion is valid.

    first thought.. from sitting in the seat... was "its ok.." didnt like the dash and the buttons on the stearing sticks.. and the dials cover felt as though it was an after thought of "oops forgot the dials lets stick a silver bit on.."

    start up of the car was cool.. nice sound with an instant startup where mine delays a little but as though its waiting to fire all the chambers up...

    gearing and pedals...

    ok nothing mega.. but poor clutch i thought as it was too much "here and there"

    the car as a whole is difficult to drive as the drivers view from looking forward and around to the back is difficult making it hard to drive around and reverse etc...

    speed of the car was ok.... but felt no faster than mine???? i know it is... and the book says it is but nothing special.

    overall... glad i bought an audi...

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